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We have some friends over…come and see their work!

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One of the most popular artists working today in the UK, Kamil Mocet will be visiting Kaleidoscope in March and showing us a bit of his lavish, painterly approach to tattooing.
Inspired by a devilish influence and European impressionism, Kamil has worked alongside other tattoo icons such as Jeff Ortega. His refined techniques are certainly outstanding and have a strong character.
Check his work and find out more about this ace of the tattooing world. (www.kamiltattoos.com)

Laura Juan
When you think of realistic work with soul, Laura Juan comes to mind.
Our friend Laura from Madrid, Spain, has been tattooing since a young age and she has participated in many conventions across the globe.
She has won several awards overseas, and her distinctively detailed work combined with her precision, makes Laura’s work one of a kind.
She will be at Kaleidoscope in March and her work is definitely a must see!
Visit her website for a sneak peak and be blown away!

Eak is one of the most popular artists from South East Asia. His works have been featured in magazines in Thailand, Japan, Germany, Holland and the USA.
His work is very unique, inspired by traditional Thai, Balinese and Burmese iconography. He spins and turns original designs to new and unconventional angles. His colour combination amazes his fans, not only those in the tattoo scene.
Among people that have been tattooed by Eak is the legendary tattoo artist Paul Booth, who tattooed the guys from Slipknot, Slayer, Pantera, Soufly and Sepultura.
You can have a taste of his work at (www.fulltimebyeak.com)