255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Shell (Piercer)

From a young age, Shell has always been interested in the alternative ways of self expression. With a background of creativity and art, she began to regularly attend tattoo conventions and several art fairs which is when she discovered her passion in body modification. Her piercing career kick-started when she was 18, in the suburbs of Western Sydney, where she learnt from different mentors that taught her only the most safest and pristine techniques of piercing.

Shell is skilled in all kinds of body piercings including: noses, septums, oral, ears, nipples, navels, dermal implants, surface and a certain selection of genital piercings for both male and female.

Shell loves a challenge. Her favourite piercings to perform are double or triple ear projects, and large gauge piercings ranging from ear lobes to septums!

Throughout her career, she has met a vast array of clients, of all ages. Her ultimate goal for every person she meets is that they will always be free from judgment and that they are in safe hands.

With that being said, Shell’s expertise comes with providing an experience to remember, and an experience her clients can carry home with them.
To her, body piercing can be an art form, not just an accessory.

Her favourite things to do outside of piercing is drawing and creating art for her studies in graphic design. When she’s not holding a needle, she’s holding a pencil and paper!