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Leander Piva (Guest)

Born in Brazil. Leander fell in love with the artistic world from a young age. From the age of 6 was influenced by his sister Michele Piva when they used to draw together.
Leander graduated in Visual Arts in Brazil, he had the opportunity to experiment with a diverse range of art styles.
Working as a designer, painter, sculptor and graffiti artist, Piva fell in love with the permanent nature of art in the skin.
He started his career as a tattoo artist at the age of 22 and has mentored by Marcelo Soeiro, that gave him the opportunity of working in his first studio Kalafuria Tattoo.
He dominates many different styles of tattoos, with an affinity for colour work.
Leander’s favourite style is watercolour, which gave him the opportunity of winning many tattoo convention competitions.
One of his main achievements was to open his own Bar/Barber/Tattoo studio “Nobre Joao” in Brazil in 2014.
His hobbies include making models with plastic and Lego.

“I honour my work, with a lot of love and dedication because my art provides me with a lot of great feelings and I get to know a lot of amazing places.”


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