255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Lara Krinker

Born and raised in Brazil, Lara has always had a itch for the arts in school, which led her to study Graphic Design. Once she graduated from university, Lara and her friends found themselves in Sydney, where she worked as a graphic designer and achieved her Diploma of Advertising.

In 2018, she packed her bags again and moved to Germany, where she began her tattoo journey. She went back to drawing everyday, using different mediums as a way to explore her creativity. This led to her research about the tattoo industry.

With her first pay check as a designer in Germany, she bought some tattoo equipment and began as an apprentice in a nearby studio. Lara worked both jobs for a long time until she finally decided to quit graphic design and moved her focus to tattoos.

Her knowledge in Design and Marketing proved to be helpful when creating her designs, finding her own style and building a clientele list. Lara is attentive and understands the weight and impact that a tattoo can have on a person. In her time as an artist, she has learnt a great deal of respect for this and strives to give every client a meaningful experience.

Lara joined Kaleidoscope in late 2022, where she hopes to work with new a demographic and refine her style as an artist. She is excited to establish a name for herself within the industry and the floral and illustration communities.

Style: Her work mostly consists of floral, blackwork, illustration, fineline and mandala.

Favourite things to do: hanging out with friends, watching reality TV, going on road trips and enjoying the outdoors.


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