255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Hannah R (Piercer)

Hannah is a Singaporean born piercer who has been piercing at Kaleidoscope Studio since early 2022.
From young, she would constantly visit tattoo and piercing studios to accompany her mother, hence she gained an appreciation for the practice and for appearance based modification. She started to get pierced from the age of thirteen.

Initially, she began working as a hairdresser whereby she acquired a deep attention to detail  as well as curating any practice to the needs and desires of the client at hand.
This skill transferred over into her piercing apprenticeship in 2015 and later becoming fully qualified in 2018, where she began to train others. This heightened during her time in Sydney Northern beaches, which gave her the opportunity to work with a larger selection of fine jewellery broadening her dainty and minimalist aesthetic.
Piercings she can do: Nose, Septum, Oral piercings (other than tongue and webbing), ears, nipples, navel and surface piercings.
Hannah specializes in: Triple flats, septum, nipples and ear curation. 
Piercing enables her to encounter a large pool of people with every passing day. Most importantly, she treasures the fact that people entrust her with something so personal and vulnerable.


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