255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Eduardo Be (Apprentice)

Eduardo started drawing as a child and was always inspired by the cartoons of his time. His passion for drawing was something that came naturally to him and has continued to develop throughout his life. During his teenage years, he became interested in street art and began to explore different mediums such as murals and the use of canvases. He began sharing his art around his hometown in Brazil and this increasingly become a large part of his life.
At the age of 18, Eduardo started studying graphic design and continued discovering a new world of possibilities. While studying at the university, he continued creating and using acrylic paints, oil and spray paint.
He used his newly attained skills from university to pursue work in the advertising industry for several years. During this time, he realised that he wanted to continue working and creating, however wanted to rekindle his use of hands on mediums and make this his career.
In 2017, Eduardo moved to Australia and created many murals and exhibited his canvases in art exhibitions around Sydney. As time passed, he began to admire the ever-growing tattoo culture in Bondi, liking the way art was used as a form of self expression.

His tattoo journey began with a casual conversation with the owners of the Kaleidoscope Studio, where he showed his paintings and expressed interest in learning how to tattoo and was offered an apprenticeship.

He has since been learning under the guidance of Luciano and Fábio.

His work currently incorporates the use of black and gray, geometric and dot work. When Eduardo is not designing or tattooing it is easy to find him surfing the beaches of the Eastern suburbs.


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