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Christian Parra



Christian Parra was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1990. From an early age Christian showed great skills in drawing, painting and for making sculptures in clay.
When Christian finished school at the age of 17, he traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study graphic design, then studied art direction where his teacher offered to work with him as an illustrator. At that time, Christian studied different courses in traditional painting techniques and to help him understand more about the use of light in his paintings, he also studied photography.
He painted in his house selling his paintings, and made a few art exhibitions in several galleries in Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Australia.
Christian always liked tattoos but never thought of becoming a tattooist until he met the iconic Argentinian tattooists Nazareno Tubaro and Freddy Leo who introduced him to the world of tattoos.

Later, Christian began to tattoo on his own until he decided to leave Argentina and continued traveling around the world to learn about other cultures and countries.

Christian has been living in Sydney for the last 4 years. He knows that his next destination will be Europe.

When Christian travels to other cities, he loves to visit museums, galleries and buy art books.
His favourite styles are dot-work and works with sharp lines, black and gray shading, surrealism and psychedelic art. In his designs he tries to mix these two themes.

Christian also likes Philosophy, Psychology and to watch documentaries. When he is not tattooing he is painting, drawing or reading.He feels he is most creative at night while everyone is sleeping.



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