255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Bobby Kerehoma

Bobby Kerehoma is from Levin, a small rural town in New Zealand.

He grew up in a creative family, his siblings drew a lot and his mum liked to paint, draw and create clothes. He started painting and drawing when he was very young, which continued into his schooling years.

Bobby excelled during high school with his art, mainly in painting and design. He found a real passion in painting and spent most of his time in the art room.

Continuing his studies, he began university in Wellington, New Zealand, where he studied Fine Arts, Graphic Design and experimented with Animation. While he continued at university, he enjoyed his lectures and learnt a lot but found it difficult to continue. Bobby’s journey helped him develop his love for painting but he began to realise that he could not turn his passion into a profitable income but he only held an interest in creating art.

One year, whilst at university Bobby was gifted a tattoo machine for his birthday. He began tattooing random stuff, originally for fun, on himself and friends and began to really love the work. After eventually taking a break from university, Bobby fell into a career when he arrived in Sydney and met Maxime Etienne, a tattoo artist from France who was looking for an apprentice. Introduced through a mutual friend, Bobby consider himself pretty lucky as he knew how hard it was to get into the industry. Maxime was a great teacher and mentor and is still a huge influence on Bobby’s work today.

Most of Bobby’s work is done with fine lines. His favourite tattoo styles are black and grey realism and surrealism.


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