255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Bek Jay

Bek Jay

Junior Artist
Styles: Fine line, illustrative, black & grey
Favourite things to tattoo: Celestial/galaxy pieces, florals, dragons, snakes, and skulls!

Becoming recognised for pieces that unite fine-line with solid blackwork our junior artist Bek is building a style of their own. Bek began tattooing at the end of June 2020 and is reviewed by first-time tattoo clients and tattoo collectors alike as ‘welcoming, patient, and compassionate’. A rainbow community friendly artist who welcomes all skin and body types, Bek believes in comfortable, judgement-free tattoo experiences.

From graphic design to art tutoring for rehabilitation services, Bek has always kept an avenue of creativity open in life and no exception was made through breast cancer treatment in 2016. Working with a Brisbane hospital, Bek conceived of and illustrated for a colouring and resource book that is still freely distributed to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, you may also see InkyPlaytime colouring pages floating around a specialist cancer hospital in Sydney. Bek is now cancer-free and a university student studying majors in psychology and counselling.


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