255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Ash Faulkner

Original from Jervis Bay, south coast, Ash Faulkner has a background in trade. He started his interest in tattooing in the middle of 2000 when, in the studio where he got his first tattoo, he saw the designs of the American tattooist Paul Booth.

In 2006 he began to practice drawing and to learn on his own about Japanese tattooing and tattoo techniques. A year later he did his first tattoos, while continuing his learning process with the help of other tattoo artists.
He started professionally in 2010 in the town of Huskisson.

Moving to Sydney, he worked at several studios in the eastern suburbs until in 2020 he decided to join the Kaleidoscope team. He is capable of working with a variety of styles, but his continued study of the themes of complex Japanese tattoo art and his dedication to the refinement of his drawing and painting techniques in this style, make him a good choice for those tattoo collectors looking for a well designed and attractive work with great composition and balance of contrast in the background in addition to the correct choice of elements.

The tattoo artists who early influenced his work were Filip Leu, Aaron Cain, Luke Atkinson, Chris Garver and Jack Rudy. Outside the tattoo were the works of Robert Crumb and Mad magazine.

His favourite styles are Japanese, realistic black and grey, Traditional American, scripts and bio-mechanic.

His hobbies include Freestyle bikes, painting and studying Art history.