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Andre Meyer (Piercer)

Since his adolescence in Brazil, André Meyer was interested in the art and decoration of the body and at the age of sixteen, he experiments tattooing himself with needles. In his travels through his country, he had the opportunity to live with the Indians of the Kalapalos tribe in the Amazon and learn more about their rituals and body decoration. He researched body piercing in imported magazines, specialized in body art, unique sources of information at that time.In 1992, starting his travels through Europe, he went to live in England with the intention of learning this technique that was already popular there. At the fetish parties in London, he met Grant Demsey from the famous Cold Steel with whom he made his first piercings and with him, learned about exotic jewellery. They became friends and Andre  began his 9 months apprenticeship and then returned to Brazil where he became the pioneer in the field. Soon after, he started working in the popular studio Tattoo You of Marco Leoni and Sergio Leds in Sao Paulo.Returning to Europe to improve his knowledge, he worked on the circuit of tattoo conventions, than headed to India where he worked along with tattoo artist Michelle The Edge from the famous London studio Into You. Following his thirst for adventure, he travelled to Thailand to see the famous vegetarian festival of Phuket where devotees make eccentric piercings as a ritual to pay promises.From there, he went to Bali to learn and develop techniques in manufacturing ornamental body jewellery. Next was Nepal and India where he learned about the use of many different materials and the meaning of the body piercing for the Yogui Sadhus in this ancient art.Andre went on to join the P.A.U.K., Piercing Association of United Kingdom and the EEPA, European Professional Piercer Association and returned to Brazil to open the Body Piercing Clinic, the first store specialized in Body Piercings in Latin America.

In 1997, spending time in New York, he learned the branding technique and then went to California to perfect his knowledge of designing piercing jewelry.

Following on to Vegas, he attended the annual meeting of the A.P.P. Association of Professional Piercers promoter of workshops that brings together the best piercing professionals in the world.

In 1998, he made his first body suspension in Texas with the group Traumatic Stress Discipline.

To share all his experiences in life and in the world of body piercing, Andre wrote a book “Lindo de doer”(Beautiful Pain) about Piercing, Aesthetic, Erotic and Esoteric Travel.

During his several years in this profession, Andre created and developed jewelry for WildCat (UK), Painful Pleasure (USA).

In 2015 he was honored by LBP in Mexico as an important collaborator in the professionalization and divulgation of Body Piercing in the Americas.

In 2017 he came to Australia to join the Kaleidoscope family.

Andre is an assiduous practitioner and yoga instructor.

The pleasure he finds in his work is linked to the transformation of pain into satisfaction, the connection with ancestral cultures, and the desire to bring comfort, joy and security to the client.